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Ask Us About Yokohama Tire Rebate, Warranty and Guarantee

Ask Us About Yokohama Tire Rebate, Warranty and Guarantee

Yokohama tires are an excellent choice for your family no matter which road you take. Known for top-notch traction and tight handling while hugging corners, you can trust Yokohama tires to keep your family safe. At Dusty's Precision Auto, we know that tire-buying can be complex but we make it easy by offering great brands like Yokohama. Yokohama is the industry-leading tire that you don't have to think twice about.

If you're looking for a tire that offers durability and comfort, give Dusty's Precision Auto a call today at 319-430-7500 to see if Yokohama tires are a good fit for your vehicle! Drivers near your neighboorhood come back to Dusty's Precision Auto because just like Yokohama we believe tires should be reliable and affordable. Just minutes from everything, we are driving distance from you. Stop by Dusty's Precision Auto at 721 2nd Street, Coralville, IA, 52241.

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Yokohama Tires

Yokohama is a Japanese tire manufacturer best known for being an industry leader in innovation. They're a force to be reckoned with in the tire industry and a popular choice for motorists throughout Coralville.

Yokohama was founded in 1917 in Japan and later expanded to the United States in 1969. There are currently two Yokohama manufacturing plants located in the United States, one in Salem, Virginia, and the other in West Point, Mississippi.

Yokohama produces several families of tires, all of which have a lower environmental impact than most other tire brands on the market. At Dusty's Precision Auto in Coralville we recommend Yokohama because they employ innovative solutions to create a tire with the quality you can trust without sacrificing the environment. With 29 types of tires spanning over five product families, Yokohama has a tire for every vehicle's needs. The five Yokohama tire families include:

  • Advan
  • Avid
  • Geolandar
  • iceGuard
  • BluEarth

At Dusty's Precision Auto, we offer a complimentary assessment to determine which Yokohama tire is best for your vehicle and lifestyle needs. We'll discuss the average amount of miles you drive, your daily commute, and much more to determine the perfect fit for your vehicle. If you have any questions, or you're ready for your complimentary tire assessment, give Dusty's Precision Auto a call at 319-430-7500 to get started today!

From thoroughly testing each tire after production to offering extended warranty options, increased safety and performance are Yokohama's top priorities. Dusty's Precision Auto backs the extensive warranty offerings of Yokohama so you trust your tires even under the worst conditions. If you have any questions about Yokohama's warranty programs, give Dusty's Precision Auto a call today at 319-430-7500 and ask us about all Yokohama rebates, warranties, and guarantees.

When it comes to finding an exceptional tire with sustainability at the forefront of its operations, Yokohama is the best on the market. They were the first Japanese tire manufacturer to be certified in recognition of quality assurance in all of their operations.

If you're looking to upgrade to a tire that offers all-around superior performance and fuel efficiency, give Dusty's Precision Auto a call at 319-430-7500 today to get a set of Yokohama tires! Come by our shop at 721 2nd Street, Coralville, IA, 52241 and talk with a Dusty's Precision Auto tire specialist about a new set of Yokohama tires.




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